Colorado Crossing

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on with the stalled development at Colorado Crossing, located at the corner of Voyager and Interquest Parkways in North Colorado Springs, you’re not alone. This retail, residential and commercial project stalled back in 2008 when the original developer declared bankruptcy and was unable to pay contractors to complete the project. The good news is that it is about to be finished…this time by a developer with the funds to complete it.

Westside Investment Partners from Denver has recently purchased the 153 acre site with the intention of completing the existing partially built structures and developing the rest of the site to include multi-family residential, restaurants, hotels and other business. Eventually, the name “Colorado Crossing” will be changed (no doubt to avoid memories of this North Colorado Springs eyesore’s history).

Construction is expected to resume later in 2016 on the partially completed office building. That will be followed by completion of the rest of the retail developments. The new owner is also in discussions with a movie company to complete the theater complex, which originally was designed to have 14 screens. The hope is that will be complete sometime in early 2017. The company expects the project to continue to develop well into the mid-2020’s.

From a residential Real Estate perspective, this is fantastic news for North Colorado Springs. The addition of this long-awaited development is expected to help home values in both Pine Creek and Northgate. Look below for the newest listings in this part of town…and let us know if you want to relocate here before home prices jump due to this great news.

Aerial View of Colorado Crossing