Polaris Pointe (Formerly Copper Ridge)

polarispointeartistrenderingPolaris Pointe is the new retail development that is located just south of Northgate Boulevard and I-25 in North Colorado Springs.  You may know it by its former name, Copper Ridge at Northgate.  The first major tenant in the development, Bass Pro Shops, opened there a few years back and the area has seen rapid success and development since then.  

This retail development is a great sign that the economic downturn of the last few years is starting to become a memory.  Developers of Polaris Pointe have big plans for the area.  This includes the announcement earlier this summer that they are going to move ahead with the construction of a long-planned hotel and indoor water park called the Colorado Grand Resort & Hotel.  

Click on the image below for a detailed view of Polaris Pointe, provided by the developer.

Polaris Pointe


This development is great news for current homeowners in North Colorado Springs as it demonstrates a commitment by the business community to develop this part of town.  The neighborhoods in this area, which include NorthgateFlying Horse and Gleneagle, will continue to see home values rise as this and other retail developments in the area continue to be added.  North Colorado Springs is always a very desirable part of town, but retail developments like this one will make this particular part of town even more desirable than it is today.