Zip Code 80921

A Neighborhood That Is In Demand!

The 80921 Zip Code is a fantastic mixture of both established homes and newer developments and is one of the hottest parts of town from a development perspective. Home values have steadily risen in the last five years and will continue to do so as new retail  and city infrastructure projects get underway.

The first big boom to this part of town was the addition of Bass Pro Shops to the area of Northgate and I-25. This area, formerly known as Copper Ridge and now permanently named Polaris Pointe has seen rapid growth of retail, restaurants hotels and businesses in this part of town. This will only continue, and will kick into an even higher gear, when the Powers Blvd extension is finally built, making it even easier for people on the east side of town to make the trip up to Northgate.

There’s still plenty of undeveloped land in the 80921 zip code, so growth in this part of town is a certainty. Home buyers want in, and we are seeing a very strong sellers’ market as a result. Click here to request your copy of the Winter 2017 80921 Homes Report to get even more detail on the past few months of real estate buzz.

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