4 Bedroom Homes in Pine Creek for Under $400,000

Today we will delve into 4+ bedroom homes located in Pine Creek that are currently listed for under $400,000.  There's not a huge number of homes that fit this criteria, but there are some. 

Pine Creek is a fantastic part of North Colorado Springs in which to live.  It is part of award-winning Academy School District 20, is close to Interstate 25 and has all kinds of retail amenities for shopping.  While Pine Creek itself is pretty much done with new home construction, the majority of the homes there are only about ten years old.  When comparing home prices with one of Pine Creek's newer neighbors, Cordera, there is definitely a benefit to buying here rather than having a new home built (or buying a nearly new home) in Cordera.  If you are considering homes in Cordera, Pine Creek is an excellent option, as is Wolf Ranch as well. 

Here's Matching Listings:

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