Homes on Corner Lots in Briargate

When I show clients around North Colorado Springs, many buyers tend to prefer homes on corner lots.  It's nice to not have houses on each side of you, that's for sure.  Corner lots tend to have a bit of a price premium because there are far fewer homesites on corners than not.  I live on a corner lot myself, and I have to say that there are pluses and minuses to it.  On the plus side, you have the openness of only having a neighbor on one side.  The rooms on that side tend to get more light than if there was a house there blocking the sun.  On the downside, there's extra sidewalk to keep clear in the wintertime and extra grass to mow in the summer.  Corner lots are not for everyone...but if you are one of the buyers looking for that extra privacy, your home search has fewer options.  In this post I will endeavor to help by providing some options that are currently available in Briargate that are on corners. 

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