Homes on Corner Lots in Flying Horse

Here's a look at all homes in Flying Horse Ranch that are located on corner lots.  Corner lots are loved by some, and hated by others...which is just fine.  People who love them really enjoy the fact that they don't have neighbors on both sides of them.  Corner lots also tend to be a bit larger than non-corner lots, which again is good for some and not so good for others.  As an owner of a home on a corner lot, I can tell you that I am definitely reminded of that extra square footage when it comes time to mow the lawn or shovel the sidewalks. 

Flying Horse Ranch has such beautiful homes, it is hard to imagine anybody refusing to live in one simply because it is not on a corner lot.  However, there are buyers who insist on that type of homesite, so here's a good look at all the homes in that area that are right at an intersection. 

Here's Matching Listings:

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