If You Want A Realtor Who Cares, Call Greg!


Greg Lennon is Outstanding, The Best, No One Better – pick your superlative, any one will describe this Fabulous realtor. Greg goes beyond being a lister and shower. He provides personalized advise, guidance, and insight throughout the real estate transaction process. I have bought and sold six homes over the last 40 years, Greg stands out as the one I wish my previous realtors emulated.

My first encounter with Greg occurred 4 years before I actually asked him to sell my home. My wife and I placed the home on the market using a for sale by owner program. Greg stopped by to preview the home before showing it to one of his clients– his common practice. He noticed we did not have a lock box for realtors to access the property requiring our presence during showings. Instead of giving us a big sells pitch on how he could sell the home, Greg gave us one of his personal lock boxes, a business card, and wished us his sincerest good luck. After a frustrating and fruitless 6 months, we took the house off the market. Fast forward to 2016 when we moved to another state and decided to sell our home hassle free with someone we could trust. Greg was our obvious choice… he proved us right. Our home sold within 45 days without requiring our presence for pre-, trans-, or post- transaction activities. IF YOU WANT A REATOR WHO CARES, CALL GREG!!!